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Divendres, 23 de març 15:45h de 2018 Camps de Voluntariat

Camp de voluntariat a un projecte comunitari a Colònia (Alemanya)

SCI Alemanya organitza un camp de voluntariat trilateral amb participants de Catalunya i de l'estat espanyol, França i Alemanya. Busquem un grup de 4 voluntàries per participar-hi del 21 de juliol a l'11 d'agost.

*El projecte encara no està pujat a la base de dades de camps de voluntariat. Si estàs interessat/ada en participar-hi, escriu-nos un correu a

DE-SCI 12.98
German-French-Spanish Workcamp
12 vols.
Manual, restoration, renovation, social

Description: Located in the middle of Cologne by the river Rhine, in the former working class neighbourhood of Muelheim, you can find the Sozialistische Selbsthilfe Muelheim (SSM - Socialist Self-help Muelheim). The group that began with only 20 people has now established a project that has become popular far beyond the borders of Cologne. Anybody can join the SSM – no one is too old, too infirm or too ill. SSM has restored an old factory and earns its money by helping people with removals and flat closures. It is involved with various beneficial projects within the local community and helps those in need. Only a few hundred metres from the SSM house, perfectly situated by the Rhine, a new project is currently under development: converting a disused warehouse into a second hand furniture store combined with workshops, a café and a room for activities.

Type of work: Restoring an old warehouse according to the preservation order,
kitchen work, help with flat closures and removals, gardening

Study theme: The history of SSM, community life

Accommodation: In rooms with up to three beds. You will have lunch with the community, breakfast and dinner will be prepared by the camp group

Requirements: Interest in teamwork and physical work, initiative and creativity, interest in urban development and social designs

Approximate location: Cologne is located in the west of Germany at the river Rhine. The Netherlands and Belgium are a 1 hour drive away while it takes you 3 hours to get to France. Cologne is a historic town with many world heritage sites and buildings in and around the city.

Transportation hub: The nearest airport is located in Köln-Bonn. Take the metro line number S 13 in the direction of “Horrem” (15 minutes) or the RE 8 train in the direction of “Mönchengladbach”.Get off at “Cologne Central Station” and continue by tram. To book a ticket please visit

Notes: There will be a guided tour through the district of Cologne-Muelheim, a visit of the EL- DE house in Cologne (Gestapo department and prison during the Nazi regime), a visit of the historic city with Cologne Cathedral and a boat trip; Trips and sightseeing in Cologne and the surrounding area will complement the work as it is important to socialize with the group and learn about the local community! Further information: Partly reimbursement of travel costs for volunteers from Germany, France and

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