Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya

Who we are

The International Civil Service (SCI) is an international movement that works for peace and social justice, as well as equal opportunities for all citizens.
Founded in the 1982, SCI Catalonia represents one of the 40 branches which form the network of Service Civil International.

SCI is mainly known for its international voluntary workcamps, which more than 5.000 people from all over the world take part in every year. In addition, SCI organizes seminars and other formative activities in partnership with local associations exploring various themes such as: peace education, conflicts, north/south relations, external debt etc.

The tools that we use are the voluntary workcamps, medium or long term international volunteering (LTV) projects and training and awareness activities. SCI Catalonia works in partnership with different local voluntary groups and takes part in diverse social movements and campaigns.


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Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya
Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya

Carrer del Carme 95, baixos 2n.
08001 - Barcelona
T. +34 934 417 079