Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya

Training for volunteers

Participating in a voluntary workcamp is a valuable experience and in order to make the most of it, we believe it is important for volunteers to receive theoretical and practical training. We are convinced this information will allow them to enjoy every moment of their camp.

The twenty-hour training, divided into four sessions, takes place during a weekend.

Training contents:

-concept of volunteering and its impacts

-creation, cohesion and self-management in groups

-identity, culture and interculturalism

-positive perspective of conflict: conflict resolution and transformation

-inequalities, social injustices and human rights

-getting to know other projects and other people’s experience

Non-formal and peace education methodology enables us to work on the contents via dynamic and active participation in a comfortable atmosphere. We believe volunteers will build awareness and exchange their views through hands-on activities and develop empathy towards certain situations or personal introspection.

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