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Steps to follow

To register for the voluntary work camps online please follow the following steps:

1. Look up voluntary work camps and check for free places in the Camp Search Engine.

2. Open an account to start your application, from the side bar of the Camp Search Engine, and confirm your email address.

3. Choose the work camps that you are interested in. It is very important to select at least 6 work camps to make sure that you will secure a place in one of your selected work camps. Order and prioritize them at “My selection".

4. Complete the online registration form. You will find general questions (for all the work camps) as well as specific ones for each work camp. In some cases you will have to write a motivation letter. If you want to go to a Southern country, please send us an email, so that we can allow you to finish the application.

5. Pay the registration cost of €120 (including membership fee). You can pay the deposit or bank transfer to account number of Triodos Bank 1491 0001 20 2023753326 or pay in this page.

6. You will then receive an email which indicates you that you have to send us your scanned documents (bank transfer slip and ID, NIE or scanned passport), by email to It is important that you send us this documentation as soon as possible to avoid the selected camps becoming full
7. We send you an email within 2 working days informing you that your application is being processed. We start with your first option. If there is no place for you in this first option (it can be full, no more places for males or for females, nationality, age, etc.), we send your application to your second choice, and so on.

8. We contact you to inform you where you have been placed (this process can last a couple of days or a couple of weeks).

9. You send a confirmation sheet of participation to SCI and to the host organization.

10. You receive the infosheet of your voluntary work camp (usually a month before the beginning of the work camp): it is a document which you will find very useful with precise information to prepare you to arrive at your voluntary work camp.

11. Participate in the training seminars (weekends 1st and 2nd of June in Barcelona, 29th and 30th of June in Barcelona or Saturday 6th of July in Valencia, you will have to choose place and date you prefer).

12. Participate in your voluntary work camp!

13. When you come back, participate in the evaluation seminar and reunion of volunteers (5th and 6th of October).

14. From that moment you can start participating in other work camps or other volunteer opportunities (long-term volunteering) or taking part in the group of active SCI volunteers that develops many activities in the entity, according to their interests and their motivations!

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Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya
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