Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya


With SCI you have the opportunity to take part in activities, trainings and talks (see the schedule), to become a member and participate in our assemblies, and find other ways to get involved with SCI, such as international short term volunteering (workcamps) as well as long term projects (LTV or EVS).

You can also join one of our local SCI groups:

- Petjada Jove, a group working for social inclusion among youth
- Canvia el discurs, fighting racism and fascism
- Climate for Peace,  environmental justice group
- Education for Social Transformation, organizing seminars, trainings and other activities with the aim of raising social awareness
- Social Forum, movie forum in English
- Communication for Development

You have the opportunity to form a local SCI group in your city, village or district and introduce SCI and its projects (workcamps), as well as organize activities. This way, you let the culture of peace enter your community.

If you are interested in joining one of the activities above or wish to organize a new one, write an e-mail to!

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Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya
Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya

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