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In Service Civil International Catalonia we base our working strategy on three main axes: promotion of volunteering, peace education, and projects of cooperation for development.

We promote volunteering through:

- International voluntary workcamps (of between 10 and 30 days): These are voluntary services of cooperation, where a group of people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs volunteer together to take part in a project outside of their home country.

- Medium or long term projects (MDTV or LTV): these are projects driven by different local partner organizations of the SCI all over the world, with the aim of promoting solidarity, cooperation and awareness within the topic of peace education.

- The European Voluntary Service (EVS): volunteering projects subsidized by the European Commission, during from 6 up to 12 months, for youngsters aged between 18 and 30.

- The participation of the volunteers within SCI’s local groups (Refugees, Social Forum, YUWG, promotion of voluntary workcamps in Catalonia, the region of Valencia and the Balearic Islands) or in other social movements and campaigns. Volunteers can suggest new working groups according to their interests.

We consider peace education as a tool used for awareness and to mobilize civil society to push for social transformation. We are therefore involved in creating and running projects such as: Social Forum, Project YUWG, Peace Caravan (2012), courses on conflict, Social Documentary Courses, Social Cinema, reflection and exchange Days, Workcamp seminars, Social Campaigns, Resources and a Social Library. For all these activities, partners and volunteers who want to come and meet us are very welcome; please feel free to join us!

The projects of cooperation for development that we have carried out in countries in conflict and post-conflict countries respond to the need to build peace and promote volunteering in territories such as: Palestine, Lebanon, Sahara, Afghanistan or Guatemala. These projects have already come to an end, with the exception of the project in Palestine which was stopped as a consequence of the debt of the Catalan Agency of Cooperation to the Development.

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Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya
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