Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya

Local groups are starting up in SCI!

Education for Social Transformation: This group strives to change the world we live in, in order to make it better, and they wish to impact our personal and collective growth! They organize workshops for young people, in schools, experiment and share educational resources, focus on themes such as inequality, human rights, critical thinking, values in education.

Social forum: Once a month we watch documentaries and have a debate. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Catalan, sometimes with guests that can help us get to know the topic of the film better.

Petjada Jove: A group fighting against the existing inequalities in the Raval district. The aim is to find new ways of living together in a neighbourhood by involving people of Raval. 

Communication for Development: This group is for the volunteers who are interested in collaborating, improving or simply voicing their opinion about the communication of SCI Catalunya. They create videos to share the experience at workcamps, talks, informing university students about SCI... All ideas are welcome!

Gender: This group wants to work on the gender perspective in a transversal way.

Climate Justice: “If we live in a world with limited resources and we consume in an infinite manner, what will happen? What can we do differently?” This is the main question of the group, which is searching and discovering alternatives to the current system.

Palestina: A group promoting solidarity with Palestine which wants to raise awareness about the situation in the Middle East through activities and workshops.

“Maybe we can’t do it today, nor tomorrow, but we can do it in 100 years, let’s begin today with the first part out of a thousand”

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Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya
Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya

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