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International SCI

SCI Catalonia is a member branch of the international network of SCI, which currently has 43 branches worldwide.

The aims of SCI are to actively promote peace, which includes understanding, respect and international solidarity, equality of opportunities, respect for the environment and sustainable global development. The SCI International Secretariat is in Belgium, with another office in Sri Lanka. The international activities are carried out by international work groups (WG) which discuss issues such as solidarity, cooperation and exchanges in conjunction with:

- Latin America - Abya Yala International WG
- Africa - Africa Group WG
- East Europe - GATE Group
- Development and environment - Environment and Development WG
- Work with disadvantaged young people - Youth and Unemployment WG (YUWG)
- South-east Europe - Group SAVA
- Women - Women's WG
- Long-term exchanges - Long Term Exchange Group (LTEG)
- Refugees - Refugees WG
- Peace and human rights - Peace and Human Rights WG
- Area of the Mediterranean - MIDI WG

SCI also works in favour of the promotion of peace through international structures such as UNESCO, Council of Europe, Committee of Coordination of the International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) and Youth Forum of European Communities. In both UNESCO and the Council of Europe SCI holds a consultative status. In 1987 SCI received the title of "Messenger of peace" from the General Secretary of the United Nations in recognition of SCI’s efforts to promote peace and international understanding and for activities developed during the International year of Peace in 1985.

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Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya
Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya

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