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Conflictology course

Introduction to the conflicts of the 21st century.

Conflictology course is one of the main SCI-Cat trainings. It takes place every year and it proposes a critical vision on international conflicts in order to reflect on the importance of their visibility among the civil society as the subject of conflict transformation.

Conflictology course promotes the culture of peace and violence prevention in different international contexts, promotes human rights and freedoms of individuals and as an encouragement of governance and social tissue as the foundation of a social and economical development, which is fair and sustainable, that impacts the redistribution of wealth and social justice.

The course focuses on learning theoretical as well as practical tools and is addressed especially to young people involved in associative movements, cooperation for development and volunteering who wish to deepen their knowledge on the matter in a critical and active way.

You can check the previous editions of our programs (in catalan): December 2014May 20142012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

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