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Are you a member of an association and need volunteers to help carry out a project? Do you believe working with young people from around the world can benefit your association? Do you need some extra hands to help with certain tasks?

In SCI Catalunya we send volunteers to workcamps around the world, and at the same time we also organize workcamps in Catalunya, Valencia and Balearic Islands together with various organizations and associations.

The idea is to create solidarity through local and international network cooperation. Workcamps are usually self-managed by grassroots organizations through the participation of volunteers. Applying this concept, we are able to obtain a multiplying effect since even with limited resources, hundreds of people have the chance to live a transforming experience.

If you know a project that could host a workcamp for volunteers, we can provide you with an international group in order to give additional support to your project and at the same time give the local community an opportunity for intercultural experience. Volunteers are insured throughout the duration of the workcamp and are accompanied by a coordinator, another volunteer, whose responsibility is to help with the coordination and execution of the camp.

In SCI we have a wide experience with workcamps of various themes, such as culture, sustainability, social inclusion, historical memory, heritage recovery, renovation and reconstruction...

If your association wishes to participate in such a project, contact us via the following e-mail address:

Interested in our workcamps? Find them on this map and click on the links!


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