Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya

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As a member of SCI Catalunya you will receive information about our activities and you will be able to:

-take part in a short term (workcamp) or long term (LTV, EVS) volunteering
-participate in trainings and international exchanges
-participate in activities and trainings organized by SCI.

The inscription fee is only 40€/year which, with your help, allows us to continue with projects, promote international volunteering and work towards peace-building through the exchange between people and communities which we see as driving force for social change.

As a member you can also participate in the SCI Catalunya as well as join different local groups or the board of SCI and contribute ideas and suggestions for social action.

Remember, if you want to register/subscribe in order to do a workcamp it is not necessary to fill in this form. You can apply to the workcamp and pay the inscription fee together with the membership fee (115€ for camps in the North and 145€ for camps in the South).

Lastly, if you are already a member of SCI and would like to unsubscribe send us an email at:

Thank you and welcome!

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Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya
Servei Civil Internacional Catalunya

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